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Parks and Facilities 


Commissioners Park

Administration Building

7747 Oak Grove Avenue

The Justice Park District serves as home to the district’s administrative office. It was initially constructed in 1988. The center has two rooms and a full kitchen for rentals!

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Veteran's Park
86th St. & 79th Ct

Veteran's Park was acquired from the Village of Justice in 1988. The park received its name and had undergone a complete renovation in 2002. Components contained in the park include a basketball court, two age specific modular play units, a swing set and benches.

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Gottwald Memorial Park
8311 W. 81st St

Recently renovated in 201, this park contains two age-specific modular play units, a swing set, benches, and an open grassy area.

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Eugene Danhoff
8912 W. 85th St

Components contained in the park include one large age specific modular play unit, flowering shrubs, ornamental bushes, and benches.

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